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Best Wood for Smoking Salmon

Salmon is one of those scrumptious fish that you can cook outdoors in a variety[read more...]

Ultimate Smoked Pulled Chicken Recipe

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Best Beer for Beer Can Chicken

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Smoked Beer Can Chicken

Smoked Beer Can Chicken is a delicious and flavorful way to cook a whole chicken.[read more...]

Meat Smoking Guide: Best Temperature to Smoke Meat for Perfect Results

If you’re looking to take your barbecue game to the next level, smoking meat on[read more...]

15 Pellet Grill Accessories You Need

If you’re a pellet grill owner, or looking into getting one, you’re probably wondering what[read more...]

Easiest Meat to Smoke: A Beginner-Friendly Guide

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21 Best Smoker Recipes For Max Flavor

Smoking food has been a mouth-watering tradition for centuries, but it’s not just for pit[read more...]

How Long to Smoke Burgers at 225°F

Smoking burgers is a great method to infuse them with flavor while keeping them moist[read more...]

5 Best Traeger Grill Reviews 2023: Top Picks for Smoke Lovers

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How Long Do Pellets Last for Grilling and Smoking

We’ve been smoking and grilling meat with smoke for a while now and it always[read more...]

The Ultimate Smoked Pork Belly Recipe

There’s nothing quite like the heavenly aroma of Smoked Pork Belly filling your backyard as[read more...]

How to Start a Pellet Grill for the First Time

Hey there, BBQ lovers! 😎🔥 Today, we’re diving into the wonderful world of pellet grills![read more...]

Why and When to Wrap Brisket

If you’re doing some research into how to smoke the perfect brisket, you’ve likely come[read more...]

How to Season a Pellet Grill: An Easy Guide

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What is Butcher Paper? Uses and Tips

Butcher paper has grown in popularity in recent years, especially for smoking meat. Admittedly, many[read more...]

How to Use a Pellet Grill

Whether it’s a novelty or a new way of life, Pellet grills are definitely gaining[read more...]

3 2 1 Rib Recipe: The Ultimate Guide to Mouthwatering, Tender Ribs

Are you a barbecue enthusiast who’s constantly seeking the perfect rib recipe? I think you[read more...]

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How to Pick the Best Wood Chips and Pellets for Smoking

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Smoked Pig Shots (Bacon Wrapped Sausage)

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Smoked Jalapeno Poppers

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