25 Best Traeger Recipes for Your Pellet Grill

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If you own a Traeger smoker grill, you’re probably always on the lookout for a diverse array of recipes that will enable you to use the smoker to its fullest. We definitely are. I mean, there are dozens of great foods you can make on the Traeger, and we don’t want to miss any!

This delicious collection of Traeger recipes will be a one you want to come back to over and over for all your favorites. So be sure to bookmark it so you can come back and try more recipes!

Whether you’re a seasoned pit master or a newcomer to the world of outdoor cooking, we want to load you up with recipes that bring the tantalizing aroma of smoke and the sizzle of perfectly seared meats and charred vegetables.

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Smoked corn on the cob, bacon-wrapped smoked meatloaf, and smoked cream cheese.

Other Recipe Compilations to Try

What Smokers We Use

Z grills

Z Grills 7002C2E Pellet Grill & Smoker

We use the 7002C2E, which has dual temperature probes, a huge pellet hopper and pellet viewing window, with a large grill space and streamlined design. See this grill and more on the Z Grills site.

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Traeger Grills Pro Series 22 Pellet Grill & Smoker

Did you know that Traeger created the original wood-pellet grill? The Pro Series 22 is the one most people choose because it’s compact, yet has plenty of space for cooking. You can use any type of wood pellets you like. See the Traeger Series 22 Grill on Amazon.

Delicious Traeger Recipes To Try

Main Dish Recipes

Traeger Smoked Salmon

This Traeger Smoked Salmon recipe features a succulent salmon fillet that's been marinated in a sweet and salty brine, then dry rubbed, and infused with smoky flavors in the Traeger smoker.
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Smoked salmon on a plate with salad

Traeger Pork Loin

This Traeger Pork Loin is expertly seasoned with a blend of chili powder, garlic powder, paprika, and olive oil, then meticulously smoked to perfection. The result is a mouthwatering, tender pork loin infused with a delectable smoky flavor.
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Sliced pork loin

Traeger Grilled Chicken Thighs

Traeger Grilled Chicken Thighs are a delicious and easy-to-make meal that is perfect for any occasion. Whether you are hosting a backyard barbecue or simply looking for a quick and tasty dinner these chicken thighs are sure to satisfy.
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Traeger grilled chicken thighs in a serving dish

Traeger Carne Asada

Traeger Carne Asada is a delicious and flavorful dish that is perfect for any occasion. The dish is made using beef that has been marinated in a mixture of spices and herbs before being smoked on a Traeger.
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Sliced carne asada

Ultimate Smoked Pulled Chicken Recipe

Step aside, pulled pork, because today we're spotlighting Smoked Pulled Chicken! This succulent, smoky, and incredibly versatile meat is about to become a star on your backyard barbecue menu.
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Smoked pulled chicken with bbq sauce and buns

Smoked Pulled Pork Chili

Smoked Pulled Pork Chili is the ultimate fusion of smoky flavors and mouthwatering tenderness in a bowl. This chili combines tender onions and celery with pinto beans, diced tomatoes, and spice in slow simmered perfection.
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A bowl of smoked pulled pork chili with cheese, tortilla strips, and green onions on top.

Smoked Beer Can Chicken

Smoked Beer Can Chicken is a delicious and flavorful way to cook a whole chicken.
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Smoked beer can chicken

Bacon-Wrapped Smoked Meatloaf

This Bacon-Wrapped Smoked Meatloaf has an irresistibly smoky flavor on the outside with a tender center. The bacon is weaved and wrapped around the meatloaf to create a beautiful crispy, caramelized exterior.
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Bacon-wrapped smoked meatloaf sliced.

The Ultimate Smoked Pork Belly Recipe

There's nothing quite like the heavenly aroma of Smoked Pork Belly filling your backyard as your smoker or pellet grill works its magic. The juiciness of the meat, combined with the perfect balance of salt, smoke, and tenderness is a true delight.
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Sliced smoked pork belly

Smoked Baby Back Ribs

Smoked Baby Back Ribs are a delightful experience where the succulent meat just falls off the bone and each mouthful bursts with flavors that dance on your palate. It's the kind of meal that lingers in your memory long after the last bite.
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Smoked baby back ribs

Delicious Smoked Pork Chops

Smoked Pork Chops are seasoned with a blend of salt, pepper, and our homemade pork rub, then smoked in the pellet grill to give it a delicious smoky flavor.
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A smoked pork chop on a plate

Smoked Chicken Legs

Smoked Chicken Legs are the perfect go-to meat for outdoor cooking. They take on a ton of smoked flavor, but take half the time to smoke as some meats, like brisket or pork shoulder.
A plate of smoked chicken legs

Smoked Pulled Pork Tacos

Experience the mouthwatering delight of these quick and easy Smoked Pulled Pork Tacos. You really can't go wrong with tender, smoky pulled pork nestled in warm tortillas, all accompanied by pico de gallo and a burst of fresh flavors.
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Smoked pulled pork tacos

Smoked Beef Short Ribs

Smoked Beef Short Ribs are cooked slowly on the pellet grill or smoker to allow the beef to become incredibly tender and infused with an amazing smoky flavor.
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Smoked beef short ribs

Side Dish Recipes

Traeger Baked Potatoes

Slow-baked potatoes with crispy skin and a fluffy interior are a perfect side dish to serve with a grilled BBQ main course. Traeger Baked Potatoes are not just easy to make but are loaded with nutrients and flavor. 
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Traeger smoked baked potatoes

Smoked Corn on the Cob

Smoked Corn on the Cob is a delicious and popular summer dish that can be enjoyed as a snack or a side dish at any outdoor gathering.
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A stack of smoked corn on the cob

The Best Smoked Mac and Cheese

This Smoked Mac and Cheese is loaded with cheese and incredibly creamy, but with a signature smoked flavor that makes it absolutely irresistible.
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A scoop of smoked mac and cheese

Easy Smoked Vegetables

These easy smoked vegetables are slow cooked on the smoker for about 45 minutes, until delicious smoky aroma and flavor is imparted.
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A grill pan full of smoked veggies

Smoked Baked Beans

Smoking your baked beans can add a whole new level of flavor and complexity.
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Smoked beans

Smoked Brussels Sprouts

These delicious smoked Brussels Sprouts are tender and infused with great smoky flavor from the grill.
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Smoked brussels sprouts

Smoked Sweet Potatoes

These delicious smoked sweet potatoes are cooked on the smoker to add intense smoky flavor and aroma.
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Smoked sweet potatoes

Smoked Peaches on the Traeger

These Smoked Peaches on the Traeger are the ultimate summer dessert with a fusion of smoke and natural sweetness of ripe peaches.
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Smoked peaches

Appetizer Recipes

Smoked Armadillo Eggs

These Smoked Armadillo Eggs are jalapeno poppers with a creamy, cheesy center, encased in sausage meat, then rolled in bacon and smoked to soak up all that classic wood flavor.
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Smoked armadillo eggs

Smoked Cream Cheese

If you haven't tried Smoked Cream Cheese yet, you must give this tasty appetizer a try. With just two ingredients – cream cheese and dry rub – it's a serious flavor bomb when smoked.
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Smoked cream cheese

Smoked Shotgun Shells

Smoked Shotgun Shells are the perfect BBQ treat, featuring manicotti tubes stuffed with a savory mixture of ground beef and cheese, wrapped in crispy bacon, and glazed with BBQ sauce.
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Smoked shotgun shells

Smoked Jalapeno Poppers

Combining the smoky essence of the grill with a creamy, cheesy filling and a touch of heat from the jalapeños, these Smoked Jalapeno Poppers will leave you craving more.
See the Recipe
Smoked jalapeno poppers

What Pellets to Use for the Smoker?

You’ll also need pellets for your smoker, if you’ve got a pellet grill like we do. Pellets come in many different types that you can choose from. I like to use hickory wood, or cherry wood pellets for mine. They also have a bourbon wood pellet that’s very good. My friend Todd swears by the Jack Daniel’s Tennessee Whiskey pellets.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I use a Traeger for cooking other types of food besides meat?

Yes, Traeger grills can be used to cook a variety of different foods, including vegetables, fruits, breads, and even desserts. Traeger offers a wide range of recipes that are specifically designed for their grills, including recipes for grilled pizza, smoked salmon, and roasted vegetables.

Do I need to use Traeger brand pellets in my grill?

No, you do not need to use Traeger brand pellets in your grill. However, Traeger does recommend using high-quality wood pellets that are made from 100% hardwood and contain no fillers or binders. This will help to ensure that you get the best possible flavor and performance from your grill.

How do I know when my food is done cooking on the Traeger?

The best way to know when your food is done cooking on the Traeger is to use an instant-read thermometer. This will allow you to check the internal temperature of the food to ensure that it has reached a safe temperature for consumption. Traeger offers recommended cooking temperatures for a variety of different types of meat, as well as other foods like vegetables and fruits.

More Traeger Information

With a Traeger grill, you’re not limited to the traditional grilling experience; the more you learn about a the grill, the more you’ll realize that it’s not just a cooking appliance. Since things are ever changing it’s always good to keep reading up on new products and new ways to doing things.

With that in mind we have added some non-recipe articles that might help further your Traeger journey.


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