Grilling Season Starts Now: 20 Spring Grilling Recipes

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As the weather warms up, there’s nothing quite like the aroma of food sizzling on the grill to signal the arrival of spring. If you’re itching to fire up those grates and add a touch of outdoor magic to your meals, you’re in the right place.

We’ll explore some simple yet delicious spring grilling recipes that’ll have you enjoying the season’s flavors without breaking a sweat. So, grab your tongs and let’s get grilling!

Grilled rack of lamb, asparagus, and shrimp on a skewer

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Spring Grilling Recipes to Try

Grilled Rack of Lamb

This Grilled Rack of Lamb is one of my favorite spring grilling recipes. It's coated with a super flavorful wet rub made with rosemary, parsley and thyme, then grilled to medium-rare in under 20 minutes.
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Grilled rack of lamb

Easy Grilled Asparagus

These Grilled Asparagus spears feature subtle hints of garlic, Parmesan, and lemon zest, making for a vibrant and perfectly tender-crisp side dish.
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Grilled asparagus

Grilled Green Onions (or Spring Onions)

These grilled green onions get super sweet and delicious when grilled, perfect as a garnish or side dish.
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Grilled green onions

Grilled Teriyaki Chicken

This Grilled Teriyaki Chicken recipe highlights tender boneless thighs marinated in a delectable homemade teriyaki sauce that is grilled to perfection.
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Grilled teriyaki chicken

Grilled Pork Chops with Mango Corn Salsa

These grilled pork chops are juicy and tender with a deliciously tangy and sweet mango corn salsa.
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Grilled pork chops with mango corn salsa

Salmon Burgers on the Grill

Salmon Burgers On The Grill are a delicious and healthy alternative to traditional beef burgers. Made with fresh salmon, Dijon mustard, and garlic, these burgers are packed with flavor.
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A salmon burger

Easy Grilled Artichokes Recipe

Grilled Artichokes are a fantastic side dish or appetizer made with large artichokes, olive oil, breadcrumbs, Parmesan cheese, garlic, and lemon wedges.
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Grilled artichokes

Grilled Shrimp on a Skewer

Grilled Shrimp on a Skewer is a great dish for any outside gathering. The shrimp is marinated in a zesty blend of olive oil and lime juice, infused with aromatic spices, and then grilled to perfection.
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Grilled shrimp on skewers

Grilled Bacon Wrapped Asparagus

Just because you’re on a keto diet doesn’t mean you can’t grill up amazing appetizers like these Grilled Bacon Wrapped Asparagus Spears.
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Grilled bacon wrapped asparagus

Grilled Salmon with Lemon Butter

This Grilled Salmon with Lemon Butter is that delicious go-to healthy dinner that you can grill outdoors and it's paired with an irresistible zesty lemon butter sauce.
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Grilled salmon

Mediterranean Ground Beef Kabob Recipe

This Mediterranean ground beef kabob recipe couldn’t be more straightforward. Pair these delicious kabobs with fresh Mediterranean flavors!
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Mediterranean grilled beef kabob

Spicy Honey-Lime Chicken

The combination of honey (or maple syrup), soy sauce, sriracha, lime, garlic and ginger in this spicy honey lime chicken recipe is wicked. Delicious hot, room temp or cold.
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Spicy honey-lime chicken

Grilled Marinated Bok Choy

Lightly charred Grilled Marinated Bok Choy is a simple side dish that is quick and easy to make and requires only a few ingredients.
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Grilled marinated bok choy

Grilled Beef Roll-Ups

Tender marinated grilled beef roll-ups that can be cooked with any vegetable you like Add in some asparagus, carrots, potatoes, green beans, onion or green, and red peppers.
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Grilled beef roll-ups

Grilled Polenta with Balsamic Roasted Tomatoes

This Grilled Polenta with Balsamic Roasted Tomatoes is versatile enough to serve as an appetizer or light meal. Plus, it’s easy to prepare and it can be prepped ahead of time.
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Grilled polenta with roasted tomatoes

Grilled Margarita Wings

Char-grilled wings with the flavors of a margarita – tequila, honey, and Green Tabasco pair perfectly into the most delicious sweet, sour, and salty wings.
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Grilled margarita wings

Simple Sea Salt and Lemon Grilled Ramps

This simple spring recipe highlights the delicious flavor of grilled ramps. Char them to perfection, then drizzle with lemon and salt.
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Grilled ramps

Easy Keto Grilled Radishes With Garlic & Dill Butter

These Grilled Radishes are the new hot thing this grilling season and a great side dish for your cookout. Toss aside the potatoes and get these little gems on the grill. You’re going to love them!
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Grilled radishes

Grilled Kale Salad with Strawberries

This Grilled Kale Salad with Strawberries makes the perfect side dish for any grilled meat or fish! If you've got your grill on, grill the side dish too!
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Grilled kale salad with strawberries

Grilled Sweet Peppers

If you love grilled peppers, you need to try grilled sweet peppers. They are even sweeter, easier to prep, and incredibly easy to peel.
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Grilled sweet peppers

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